Monday, December 11, 2006

Tracking dreams

Dreams, we say, are to be chased
Like a child with a jar
Who aims to catch the stars

I would have come along to chase your dreams
But I am earthly-bound
And my footprints hold me to the ground

Footprints are not far removed from stars
They are the tracks of dreams across the sky
And I can't help but think
You're up there with a jar.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Into the void and formless Earth
The Creator God carved lines between
The darkness and the light,
The heavens and the seas.

And at the waters edge reflecting
Yin and Yang roll smoothly into one another
Like two candles of a different color
Burning end to end.

So could it be that you and I
Advance, retreat like burning wax?
And dance along the waters edge
In paralleling skies.

One gives, one takes,
And you and I, in opposing wakes,
Wade toe-to-toe where Earth and Heaven
Intersect and in the end we are both different
And the same.