Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am just a man
Seeking for myself to make a life
To take a wife
And to leave this world someday
in a hole no bigger than my size.
Could not, dare I,
Could not I ask for my own cares?
I dare could not.
Suffice I just be careful.

We dropped into the stillest horror
And they lay motionless
Like a snapshot of Hell.


Melanie said...

Looking at an image of what use to be,
A reflection of a stranger looking back at me.
Looking deep into the mirrored glass,
I see a person with a forgotten past.
Someone hiding her true identity,
Trying to be someone else you see.
The truth will prevail, I can no longer hide,
This person I am on the inside.
Yearning and wanting to let it all out,
It would be so easy to just scream and shout.
Hiding myself has been easy to do,
When everyone around you is telling you to.
In time I know my wounds will heal,
I just wish someone knew the pain I feel.
Closing my eyes I can no longer see,
This reflection of a stranger looking back at me.

Mark said...

I can leave not poetic,
dare I be called heretic.
Advise I shall give, though it fall through a sieve..... Don't get too busy to write my friend.
This is good stuff.